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Abuse of a Child

14 Jan

If you only knew what it was like,
To be touched in places that are private.
Your body being touched by someone you know or by some stranger,
It fills you with so much anger.
You wonder what did you do,
For this to happen to you.
You begin to be filled with shame and guilt,
You also feel like dirt and filth.
You try to tell, but no one will take time to listen,
To the excuses they are missing.
Day after day,
Your childhood and innocence are being taken away.
You finally decide no to try to tell,
Even though, you are going through hell.
You are scared of the dark,
That’s where the monster sees you as his mark.
He comes night after night,
With no where to run and no where to hide,
And you are just a child.
You aren’t able to make a sound,
And you can’t be loud.
You wish your parents were there,
To save you from this nightmare.
You pray and pray,
To be saved.
You want someone to take you away,
And to keep you safe.