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“Forgiveness and Love”

27 Apr

Luke 7:47 NASB “For this reason, I say to you, her sins, which are many, have been forgiven, for she loved much…”

It took me awhile for God to teach me how to forgive and love. I had to learn to forgive my parents, my abusers, bullies in school, and myself. I even put a lot of the blame for my past hurts on God. So, I had to learn that God wasn’t the problem; sin was. The moment sin entered this world; some ugly things came along with it.

God taught me to forgive those that had sexually abused me. God had to help me to see that it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t cause the abuse. I had to get past the why’s. When I was able to finally forgive those that had abused me, I was set free.

God also showed me something else. There was a reason why these people had sexually abused me. Most of the time an abuser learns because some had abused them. People learn what they are taught. Once I realized what may have went on in their lives, that helped me even more with my forgiveness.

God taught me to forgive those that bullied me in school. I was called names and told very hurtful things by other kids in school. I was teased about my clothes, the way I looked, where I bought my clothes, etc. Children can me very hateful. I was tortured and tormented almost daily. Now, God helped me to see that those children really didn’t know any better. Evidentially, their parents didn’t teach them how to treat their peers. Once again, people are a product of their surroundings.

God taught me how to forgive myself for my past. That was the hardest thing to do; forgive myself. I felt as if I didn’t deserve forgiveness. I felt so dirty and ashamed of my sins and mistakes. I had to get past all of the shame, guilt, and dirtiness that I felt. Finally, I did accept that Jesus had forgiven me, and He loved me in spite of the person I once was.

Another thing that really helped me with forgiveness was writing letters to those that had treated me badly. I took my journal and wrote a letter every day until I ran out of people to write. I never mailed the letters. Some of the people, I couldn’t even remember their names.

It did feel good to tell them how they made me feel. It felt good to tell them that I forgive them in spite of the way they treated me. It was great therapy, and a great way to work through my anger and unforgiveness.

This lady in Luke 7:36-50 and I have a lot in common. She was a wretched sinner just like I once was. She had done things that she regretted and could forgive herself for. In fact, she was a prostitute. She needed to realize that she couldn’t undo her past, but Jesus could help her have a better future.

The forgiveness of Jesus let her see a different picture. His forgiveness let her see how He could use her past to help her in the future. Most of all, because of Jesus’ forgiveness, she learned about true love. She learned to love like she had never loved before. Not only that, she felt loved more than she could ever try to explain to anyone. She knew that no one could ever love her as Jesus did.

I searched for love in the wrong ways. I never thought I would find a love like I have experienced since I’ve known Jesus. Jesus fills all of me. No one can ever give me the feeling of being loved as Jesus loves.

I love much because Jesus has taught me to forgive much. So, if you’re looking for forgiveness, look to Jesus. If you want to learn how to love much, look to Jesus. Just like the lady in Luke 7:36-50 and me, you can and will be set free.

By: Christina R. Blaney