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Beauty Will Rise

30 Jan

I wrote this poem several years ago. God gave me the words before I started on my journey of healing. I had no idea the impact of these words until I shared this poem with some ladies the other night. God is definitely doing some digging in my heart, soul, and mind. This poem means a lot as I am trying to learn to see what God sees.

“Beauty Will Rise”

I will see my beauty rise,

I will see through God’s eyes.

I have to look beyond the dirt,

And beyond all the hurt.

Beyond all the guilt and shame,

To never be seen again.

I need to dig deep in the ground,

For the jewel to be found.

I need to go beyond the surface,

And go beyond the base.

The jewel is just waiting to be found,

All of the dirt has it bound.

It’s waiting to come from beneath,

For the whole world to see,

How bright and shiny;

She can be.

There’s the One that already knows where the jewel is hid,

He’s waiting for her to be seen as His.

He sees beyond the dirt, shame, guilt, and shame,

For she is His to claim.

He’s waiting for the jewel to come from the inside out,

And she will see His love is nothing to doubt.

He knows the jewel is there,

He’s cleaning and buffing her to show how much He cares.

He knows that beyond the surface is where her beauty lies,

And one day, her beauty will rise.

By: Christina R. Blaney