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All Things Work Together for Good

8 Jul

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28‬ ‭ESV‬‬

I have really been thinking about how God works things out. I never thought of God being in my life, since the beginning. I didn’t think He even knew who I was or cared about what was happening to me. Well, I’m here to tell you…HE IS THERE AND HE DOES CARE!!!!

My freedom has let me able to see how God has been there. I look back and see God in every step of the way. Things that happened we NOT His fault!!!! God had to show me that. He gives everyone a choice…follow Him or follow Satan. The people that hurt me chose to give into temptation and followed Satan.

Let me tell you how God works things out. 

I made Jesus my Lord and Savior in fall of 2009. That led me on the road to healing and recovery. God done something I never expected. 

I met this really nice lady in our church. Her name is Jackie Willcut. I don’t remember how I met her. It was God. That’s how I met her.

Anyway, I found out that she worked for a ministry that ministered to prostitutes and strippers. I became curious about this ministry. I never heard of anyone trying to minister to strippers or prostitutes. 

A friend of mine and I decided to research the ministry, which is called A Way Out. My friend and I watched a video for this ministry. Every woman in this video was sexually abused. 

I really believe; right at that moment, God pricked my heart. Hearing that all of these women were sexually abused broke my heart. I knew exactly how they felt. I didn’t realize that I could have stepped over the line into the sex industry.

A lot of women that have been sexually abused go into the sex industry. I can certainly understand why. This is my thought…no one else’s!!!! I’ve actually had this thought before. “Everyone else has used my body. I might as well us it and get paid for it.”  

As a sexually abused woman, my heart and spirit was broken. My mind was broken also. My self esteem was terrible. I thought the only way I could be loved was through sex. That was the only way I had been shown love…through unwanted touch and sex.

Anyway, after I saw the video, I talked to Ms. Jackie. I told her that I’d love to help with the ministry. I knew I had to wait on God’s timing. She told me, “When you get ready, come on.” 

Every now and then, I’d see her at church. We attended different services. When I would see her, I would tell her…”Ms. Jackie, I’m going to come. It’s not time, yet.” I mean every time I saw her; which wasn’t often, I’d tell her the same thing. 

Fast forward, I did end up helping that ministry out. I’d give clothes, books, etc. She’d even email me asking me to pick up household items like trash bags, light bulbs, dishwashing liquid, etc. I never thought twice about it. 

Two years ago, God opened another door for me. I attended a conference at a local church in our area. The conference was focused on sex trafficking.

This was all a God thing. I didn’t know about the conference. A dear friend of mine put it on Facebook. So, I signed up to go. 

At the conference, individual ministries had tables set up on the outside of the sanctuary. I put my name and email address for updates. I never thought anything would become of it.

Well, lo and behold, a few months later I received an email. I don’t remember everything the email stated. I just remember that she asked for people to pray and someone to do some gift bags. 

I emailed her back. I told her that I could pray or do the gift bags. She asked me to do the gift bags. When I volunteered to do the gift bags, I thought I’d have help. I had no earthly idea what to do. 

Well, I didn’t have help. I asked the lady what to get to go in the bags. She told me to get personal hygiene items such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. Things we use every day. She told me to include a few snacks and a pamper item such as nail polish or scented lotion.

The bags were to be pink. As always, God was in it even more. She told me she needed 12 bags.

  I was in so much awe of how God is even in the details. My favorite color is pink. Twelve bags for 12 girls…there were 12 disciples. 

Well, now I have gotten the hang of the gift bags. I try to be prepared for every month. The best thing I like trying to get is what I consider to be all in one. Walmart sells these little bags that include all the necessities without having to buy it individually. 

I try to get the snacks at Sam’s. I try to add something a little extra every month. Such as a small stuffed animal, a plastic bracelet, keychain flashlight, etc.

I love doing this. Every time I’m in a store, I look to see if I can spot something for the girls. I’ve really been trying to gey them things with a princess theme. I want them to know that God sees them as princesses. 

Now, Tina Tatum, head of R3 Ministry is working along side Ms. Jackie. This is not a coincidence or accident. God had this planned all along. 

This is not about me. It’s about these girls seeing and experiencing the love of Jesus. I’m not concerned with being blessed. This is a blessing for me. It’s all about glorifying God and not myself.

I will say that God has blessed us by doing what He has called us; me and Tracy, to do. We have unexpectedly received blessings along the way. God is faithful. 

God DOES work EVERYTHING out for good. It’s ALWAYS to glorify Him. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t express how much I love this ministry and how God is using me to love on these girls. 

So, try not to get discouraged. You may not know what God has planned for you. I didn’t see me being a part of a sex trafficking ministry. It took 6 years for God to put me in the right place at the right time. 

Remember, God knows the plans He has for you. Plans for hope and a bright future. It may take awhile to get there, but you’ll look back and see that God was working it out all along. 

Here’s the website for the ministry we are a part of:

A Way Out


I Have Been Set Free

8 Jul

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”‭‭John‬ ‭8:36‬ ‭ESV

I could have waited until tomorrow to post this. God started giving me these words over dinner. I found a piece of paper in my purse that had barely enough room for me to write on. I didn’t have me phone with me. So, I feel God telling me to post this now. I know someone needs this.

I can’t really explain how I have been feeling the last few weeks. I feel so light. I feel like I’ve had 1000 pounds lifted off of me. All of the ball and chains are gone. Jesus took the burdens of my guilt and shame from me. His burden IS light, and His yoke IS easy!!!! I feel like I could stand on top of a building and scream to the top of my lungs, “I AM FREE!!!!”

Now, I’m not going to lie. Satan is still there. Since my head and my heart have connected, I have a lot of scriptures that I can fight with. It won’t be easy. I know how the story ends. JESUS WINS!!!!

Anyway, here’s what I wrote:

I have been set free,

From shame and feeling guilty.

Jesus broke every link,

That was causing me to sink.

All of my chains have fallen,

I will follow Jesus’ calling.

I’m like a bird that has learned to fly,

Feeling the wind through my wings as I soar the sky.

Nothing has me bound,

Because my freedom has been found.

There is finally a connection between my head and my heart,

I am determined not to let Satan tear it apart.

I know God has a lot in store,

I just have to walk through every open door.

I am free to love and free to dance,

I am so thankful that I have this chance.

The chance to be free,

All because Jesus died for me.