The Empty Cradle

11 May

All of her dreams have been shattered,

So, where did the hope even matter?

It all seems so unfair,

The empty cradle gets her blank stare.

The nights she hope and prayed,

Her dreams to come true one day.

Her heart all break broken,

And her dreams now have been frozen.

The tears fall down her face,

As she sees the empty cradle that fills up space.

It would have been her dream come true,

For a little girl or two.

She doesn’t understand,

What God has planned.

For now, the tears will fall like rain,

Because she can’t hide the pain.

The pain is almost too much to bear,

That’s why she’s in so much dispair.

It will take awhile to heal,

It just doesn’t seem real.

The pain will become easier to bear,

It will take a lot of prayer.

On this Mother’s Day,

Remember those who have no child on this special day in May.

By: Christina R. Blaney



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