“Beware of the Wolves”

I saw in the USA today where the box office is making a lot of movies off of what they call “faith” based movies. I want to urge you to make sure you know your Bible before going to see one of these movies. With cell phones, we are able to carry our Bible with us because of the many Bible apps that are available for cell phones. These producers will say the movie is “faith” or Biblically based, and the movie is so far from the truth of God’s written word.

One time some women from the church that I attend gathered at another lady’s home. We decided to watch the “Ten Commandments.” The old “Ten Commandments” where Charlton Heston played Moses. We all sat there with our Bibles as we watched the movies. We able to see what was and was not in the Bible. I realized how Hollywood can mislead us. They can make us believe that a movie is “faith” based by the title.

My husband and I went to see the “Son of God” here awhile back. Some of it was according to the Bible. There were other parts that wasn’t according to the Bible. Mary Magdalene was placed in the boat with the disciples. There was scripture said when it shouldn’t have been said. It’s very important for us to know our Bibles when it comes to movies like this.

We have a Bible study at my church on Wednesday nights. The Bible study is given by our pastor. I love it when I’m able to attend. There is question and answer time at the end. Anyway, he’s teaching in the book of Genesis. He’s going to teach about Noah’s Ark this coming Wednesday night. He said that the movie “Noah” is all wrong. I’m so glad that I didn’t waste my money to go see it.

There are movies that are Biblically based that have great life lessons in the movies. One movie that is a must see right now is “God is Not Dead.” Some more movies that would be great to watch are “Fireproof,” “Courageous,” “Grace Card,” “Gracie’s Choice,” “Facing the Giants,” The Left Behind Series,” “The Passion of Christ” plus many more. Anything with Kirk
Cameron is great. Kirk Cameron is a Christian. Pure Flix is a movie studio that puts out a lot of Bible based movies that are truly faith based.

Not only that, but we also need to be aware of these so called “preachers” on TV. Not all of them are Bible based either. A lot of them are real good, feel good preachers. They don’t preach the truth. Let God and His Holy word show you the truth. (John 8:32).

In Matthew 7:15 Jesus said to “beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” We are Jesus’ sheep. He is our Shepherd. He wants to do His best to protect us.

The enemy, Satan, is not going to give up. If he has to use some so called “preacher” to lead people away from Jesus, he is going to do it. That’s why is so important to be aware of what we watch and listen to that is considered “faith” based.

Ask yourself, “Does this line up with the Word of God?” Ask God to give you wisdom to help you discern between the truth and the wolves. John 17:17 Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth. John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Test movies, preachers, music, TV shows, etc with the word of God.

I bet if you ask yourself, “Would Jesus watch this?” “Would Jesus listen to this?” You would change your opinion on a lot of different things. I know that it has happened to me and my husband. We have changed a lot of things we watch on tv. We’ve changed what we listen to. We try our best with movies at the theater. We have walked out of movies; after paying for it; because of subject or language content. The movie trailers don’t show everything.

Please be aware of the wolves that try to surround you. Satan will do anything he can to catch your attention. He’ll say, “Look at this beautiful, shiny fruit.” “Don’t you want to taste it?” Once you take the taste, you realize it’s rotten. It may be too late then. Don’t fall prey to Satan’s schemes. He wants you to live a life in a place where you burn for ALL eternity. Don’t let him lead you astray by these false prophets.

For those of you that are interested in Bible based preaching, please log into our church website; longviewpoint.org. Scroll down to media. You can hear Sunday’s and Wednesday’s messages. I encourage you to listen.


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